Without the dedication of moderators past, present, and future, Equus Nation would not be able to continue running. The moderators volunteer many hours every month to keeping the game appropriate, entertaining, and running smoothly.


Bennei has played a big part during her time as a co-admin. She keeps me motivated and does a lot of the work that I hate doing!
Wolfram poured many hours into the genetics system.
Tieria has donated countless pieces of art and provided a lot of inspiration.


JNF created the amazing horse art!
Kennelwood created our scenery!
Karla created our beautiful new layout!
Special thanks to famfamfam for the icons!


Without the continued support and participation by you, the players, Equus Nation would not exist! Thank you for playing and providing input!

Should your name be on this list? Contact a moderator with why! (Only significant contributions are specifically called out.)

Without your help...

Without the help, dedication, and work put in by everyone, this site would not be possible. Thank you!