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Orion. (#78717) completed Login x5, a 1-Star Goal!
mollymook (#53615) is hosting Appetite Boudibiua (Green)
Kathy (#78719) completed Getting the Hang of Goals, a 1-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) completed Introduction to Quests, a 1-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) completed Quest Failure, a 1-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) completed Statted Foal, a 1-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) is hosting Beginner (Green)
Kathy (#78719) completed A Small Business, a 1-Star Goal!
Xolee (#78470) completed Stats are Important, a 2-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) completed Stats are Important, a 1-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) completed Earning Horse Points, a 1-Star Goal!
Kathy (#78719) completed Beginner, a 1-Star Goal!
Cruzan (#69886) is hosting (Beginner General)
Cruzan (#69886) is hosting (Green)
QueenlyAlphaHorse #78721 has logged in for the first time!

Birrdy (#78401): @ElegantMare read through the help section thoroughly and check in the goals tab, click the "Your.." section and under it there will be a link that says "goals". do green as many green competitions/classes a day as you can to earn money faster.
Cas226 (#67663): Elegant if you can i recommend at least 1 newbie pack
TenaciTea (#78673): Hi! I'm new and not entirely sure what I'm supposed to be doing.
TenaciTea (#78673): well I was not aware that leaving my horses unattended would cause them to be poofed away from me
Astro (#45239): TenaciTea - yes, to leave your horses alone for an extended period of time, you will need to board them. Otherwise, you will find that after -3 days of no board, they will be sent to HA and you'll have to go there to reclaim them.


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