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FlowerOasis (#75845): Hello! I'm new and was just wondering what breeds I can breed to my Knabstrupper mare?
Raz (#74552): Hey @FlowerOasis, welcome to EN! I might've missed it on the page but it looks like that breed isn't available to crossbreed. https://www.equusnation.com/crossbreeds.php
Yanko (#89): Hey everyone! We want to host a LIVE trivia soon. Please run over to the Contest board and let me know what day of the week works best for you and above all else, what kind of prizes would make it worth your time!
QuietWave (#75878): Hi, I'm new. how do I add tack to my horse? how old does the horse have to be?
Raz (#74552): @QuietWave Welcome! You can buy tack at the item store. Then go to your inventory, select the item and choose your horse. You can add tack at any age.


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